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Improved brain functions and motor skills
young female patient doing an MNRI procedure

The Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration method (MNRI) is the latest method of neurosensory reflex integration and stimulation of the mechanisms of motor development. The concept of integration of reflexes and motor development, developed by Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, is based on many years of experience working with children and adults, as well as clinical observations. As a result, a program for working with children was developed, which is actively used in many countries of the world.

An initial reflex assessment can be completed by Dr. Masgutova. Reflex assessment can be also conducted by Anastasiya Boikova, OTR/L. Based on the assessment results, an individual program will be developed for the client. Treatment will address the integration and maturation of the reflexes.

A regular treatment session is 50-55 minutes long.

The client will receive home program recommendations. It is recommended to minimize screen time as much as possible during treatment. Make sure there is no inflammation in the GI tract, and the child is on a well-balanced diet that supports healthy gut and brain development. Remember neurological change happens ONLY with repetition and consistency. This equates to up to 5 days/week of movement & sensory stimulation to create real change in your child’s development and growth.

MNRI intensive treatment is scheduled on an hourly basis for up to 6 hours per day. It is recommended to receive continued treatment for 4-5 days and 6 different MNRI program sessions each day, each session 50 minutes long.


  • Calmer sensory system
  • Improved speech and communication skills
  • Improved eye contact
  • Reduced behaviors
  • Improved following directions

By addressing the underlying dysfunction, the MNRI method helps improve motor dysfunctions, relational and socialization issues, planning, relational, generalization, and socialization issues by addressing the unique combination of primary motor reflexes that signal specific neurosensorimotor dysfunction.

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